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Elforest was founded in 2006 and started off as the producer and developer of the world's first forwarder with a hybrid electric drivetrain

Over the years we have acquired substantial knowledge, not only in electric- and hybrid drivetrains, but also in hydraulics- and machine construction. One of our core strengths is having the premises, equipment and expertise to carry the project all the way from idea to operational machine.

Today Elforest Technologies act exclusively as a technical consultant company and we offer excellence in battery management, electric drive, electric-hybrid systems and electric-hydraulic systems.

Using our knowledge and experience in components, system integration and control systems we help our customers develop machines and vehicles for the future.
To enable quick and effective analysis and development of control systems, Elforest Technologies offer a set of powerful tools for recording and analyzing a machine's CAN system. We have developed and refined these tools over the years to streamline our own workflow. For some time now we offer Elforest's CAN logging services for all who wish to accelerate their development, make detailed analysis of existing systems or simulate future systems.